Lifting you to realise

Your health goals


Lift Inner West knows a strong mindset is crucial for fitness success. We help you ditch self-doubt and build unwavering belief in yourself. With the right outlook, you’ll achieve your goals and create healthy habits that stick.


We focus on safe, smart movement tailored to your individual needs. Our trainers teach you proper techniques to build strength, improve flexibility, and feel your absolute best. No matter your fitness level, we’ll design a plan that works for you.


Lift Inner West fuels your motivation with a supportive, encouraging community. Our trainers are your biggest cheerleaders, celebrating every step of your journey. We provide the accountability and inspiration you need to stay consistent and see those results come through.

Happy lifters

If you want fancy gadgets and gizmos, this isn’t the gym for you. Here you get a focus on important foundational technique to help you achieve complex movements making you stronger overall. You also benefit from honesty, integrity and a commitment from all the trainers to get to you to your health goals one step at a time.


Brianna and Kris are fantastic! Brianna provides amazing personalised 1 on 1 personal training and keeps you accountable. The team at Lift inner west genuinely care about their clients and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


I’ve fallen into the trap of quick-fix two month challenges, only for them to fall apart when life gets in the way. Here, I’m slowly learning to be kind and patient with myself and start to build positive long term habits.


I have been attending Lift Inner West and working with Brianna for almost 12months and it has completely transformed my life. I perform better in every domain of my life-work, relationships, sleeping, nutrition and more.


I’ve now been working with Nigel for 3 months and continue to surprise myself at how much I’m improving. Nigel provides heaps of motivation and tailors the sessions to your interests and skill level. The space is also great, as it’s private, quiet and always in pristine shape.


I was already quite active and working out before seeing Kris, but wanted to get professional advice and finetune my routines. Kris has definitely helped me do this and has been very responsive to me explaining my needs, quirks and goals.


Thier personable approach to goal-setting and working with me to achieve these goals is different to my previous trainers. The steady, progressive sessions help avoid injuries, build core strength, and complement my running training brilliantly.


Lift is such a great and unique space for personal training. Kris has set it up so it feels intimate but results focused – doesn’t feel like your “typical” gym. Nigel, my trainer, is fantastic – he’s caring but will definitely push you! I’ve nothing but great things to say, and couldn’t recommend them enough.


Lift Yourself

Private and personalised training to reach your fitness goals


At LIFT, we get how busy you are as a senior professional. Our private training studio offers personalised, one-on-one sessions to fit your specific fitness needs. Our expert trainers focus on boosting your strength, flexibility, and heart health efficiently, respecting your tight schedule.

Enjoy our quiet, distraction-free space designed for your workouts. With flexible scheduling, we make sure keeping fit is convenient for you. At LIFT, it’s all about a fitness experience that’s tailored just for your busy lifestyle.

Bespoke nutrition planning to help you manage your health


We offer bespoke nutrition services, tailored to complement your personal health goals and dietary preferences.

We focus on providing you with the knowledge and tools to make healthy eating choices, ensuring that your nutrition compliments your fitness routine.

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Losing the first 5kg

Losing the first 5kg

Our strategy is designed to help you shed your initial 5 kilograms. It’s not about quick fixes or fads – it’s about time-tested principles of weight loss and facilitating lasting changes to your lifestyle.

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Healthy Eating Habits for Beginners

Healthy eating habits for beginners

The ultimate guide to making positive changes to your diet.

Meet your crew



Kris is the owner and personal trainer at Lift Inner West. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, he is passionate about helping people 30+ find balance in their health and fitness.



Brianna is a highly experienced personal trainer and qualified nutritionist who has been helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals since 2014.



As a personal trainer with over five years experience in the fitness industry, Nigel is on a mission to guide clients towards achieving their health and fitness aspirations while unlocking their full potential.



Cathy brings to the table over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer with a specialised focus on supporting women navigating the complexities of menopause and clients engaged with the NDIS.



Tim holds a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and applies scientific principles to exercise and wellness, ensuring that all training and advice are both effective and tailored to individual needs.



Stuart specialises in working with individuals facing physical or mental barriers, providing comprehensive health solutions that include physical exercise, nutrition guidance, and life coaching.

YouR own Private STUDIO in the inner west

We acknowledge the path to fitness can seem intimidating, but with our support, we’ll turn your fitness challenges into triumphs. We’re dedicated to shifting your fitness journey from merely surviving to truly thriving, utilising our proven methods and systems.

Lift Inner West is more than just a fitness studio. We are a team of committed professionals set on making a tangible difference in your life. Join our community today and let’s begin writing your success story.

At Lift Inner West, your fitness journey evolves into an empowering narrative of personal achievement.

Lifting Trophies

We put our success down to our wonderful clients who have supported us even the toughest of times. We’re forever grateful.