Injury Prevention For Over-30s Workouts: Training Smarter, Not Harder

April 10, 2024

Written By Josh

Josh is a trainer at LIFT inner west

Remember those days when you could bounce back from a hard workout like it was nothing? While we might miss that youthful resilience, training in your 30s and beyond means working a little smarter. That means listening to your body and focusing on injury prevention.

Here’s the thing: warming up isn’t just a suggestion anymore; it’s essential. Thoroughly warming up your muscles and joints before your workout can dramatically decrease your risk of injuries. Same goes for cooling down afterward with some gentle stretches – it’s about giving your body the love it deserves.

Listen to those aches! If something hurts in a bad way (not the good, muscle-working pain), don’t push through it. Modify, swap out the exercise, or take a rest day. Pushing through pain can lead to more serious injuries that set you back way more.

Finally, cross-training is your friend! Mixing in different activities (swimming, yoga, cycling) keeps you well-rounded and helps prevent those overuse injuries that can sideline your progress.

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