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WINNER. Best Fitness Provider. 2023 Inner West Small Business Awards

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Personal Trainer
Mixed martial Arts Trainer


Luke brings over a decade of expertise in guiding individuals towards their fitness aspirations, enriched by his background in martial arts. Throughout his journey practising martial arts, he has not only honed his physical capabilities but also instilled a deep sense of focus in his training philosophy.

With a broad spectrum of training methodologies under his belt, including traditional strength, flexibility, and martial arts techniques, Luke excels in crafting customised workout plans that are both effective and engaging.

His approach to fitness is holistic, ensuring that progress is not just about physical improvement but also about mental resilience and clarity. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your strength, improve your flexibility, or achieve a harmonious balance between mind and body, Luke’s well-rounded training techniques will empower you to reach your goals with discipline, focus, and a genuine enjoyment of the fitness journey.

Trust in Luke to transform your approach to fitness into an inspiring, disciplined, and rewarding experience.

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Losing the first 5kg

Losing the first 5kg

Our strategy is designed to help you shed your initial 5 kilograms. It’s not about quick fixes or fads – it’s about time-tested principles of weight loss and facilitating lasting changes to your lifestyle.

Happy lifters

If you want fancy gadgets and gizmos, this isn’t the gym for you. Here you get a focus on important foundational technique to help you achieve complex movements making you stronger overall. You also benefit from honesty, integrity and a commitment from all the trainers to get to you to your health goals one step at a time.


Brianna and Kris are fantastic! Brianna provides amazing personalised 1 on 1 personal training and keeps you accountable. The team at Lift inner west genuinely care about their clients and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


I’ve fallen into the trap of quick-fix two month challenges, only for them to fall apart when life gets in the way. Here, I’m slowly learning to be kind and patient with myself and start to build positive long term habits.


I have been attending Lift Inner West and working with Brianna for almost 12months and it has completely transformed my life. I perform better in every domain of my life-work, relationships, sleeping, nutrition and more.


I’ve now been working with Nigel for 3 months and continue to surprise myself at how much I’m improving. Nigel provides heaps of motivation and tailors the sessions to your interests and skill level. The space is also great, as it’s private, quiet and always in pristine shape.


I was already quite active and working out before seeing Kris, but wanted to get professional advice and finetune my routines. Kris has definitely helped me do this and has been very responsive to me explaining my needs, quirks and goals.


Thier personable approach to goal-setting and working with me to achieve these goals is different to my previous trainers. The steady, progressive sessions help avoid injuries, build core strength, and complement my running training brilliantly.


Lift is such a great and unique space for personal training. Kris has set it up so it feels intimate but results focused – doesn’t feel like your “typical” gym. Nigel, my trainer, is fantastic – he’s caring but will definitely push you! I’ve nothing but great things to say, and couldn’t recommend them enough.